Teachable moment fatigue

I love being in a classroom of adult learners. I am grateful for the diversity of culture, ethnicity, ability, academic readiness and spend a significant amount of time managing my expectations and looking for opportunities to inspire compassion and connection, knowing that my students are destined to be helpers.

However, this political climate has left many of my students and myself emotionally exhausted, often defensive of our personal leanings, and starved for discourse.

So what do I do when I’m feeling “teachable moment fatigue”?

I stop teaching.

I start listening.

And I take space from the hustle and bustle of the 24 hour news cycle and biased op-Ed pieces and choose to sit in the silence, listen to an audiobook, or crochet until my hands hurt.

Because as Anne Lamott says, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Empathy and Gratitude

In the world of metaphysics, we learn that gratitude fuels us by mindful presence, awareness of self and appreciation for the understanding that the universe has our back and creates wonder and opportunities for us. The more we exist on a plane of #gratitude, the more we have to be grateful for.

That said, #empathy is the vulnerable choice to connect with the feelings/emotions/struggles/joys of others, within ourselves.

Empathy is a harnessed superpower that fuels connection, and encourages us as we become more self-aware, and aware of the pains and joys of others.

So this season, as you see those around you (some struggling, some celebrating) choose to feel with them, noticing the “place” within you that can understand the feelings they share. You will be surprised at how much good you can “do”, by making the choice to be vulnerable and open to those around you!